11 Fun Facts Revealed About the Mixed Media in 11 Abstract Paintings

Rachael stands within a large mixed media art installation

Mixed media paintings are paintings that use more than one medium (or material, such as acrylic paint) in the creation of the artwork.

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5 Unique Abstract Landscape Paintings

Artist Rachael Harbert holds abstract landscape painting of a red and blue sky entitled Sky on Fire in front of black building

Check out these 5 unique abstract landscape paintings featuring scenes of the sky, sea, mountains and trees.

Each painting includes a short description of what inspired it.

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5 Fascinating Black and White Abstract Paintings by One Artist (Especially #3)

Artist Rachael Harbert stands next to black and white abstract painting Ralphie as it leans against a white corroding brick wall

Enjoy 5 fascinating black and white (mainly black and white) abstract paintings featured in this article.

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