Frame Family Mementos in 3 Easy Steps

1800s Paper Calligraphy Art of Bird and Poem Framed

Taking calligraphy classes was popular prior to the 20th century — a time prior to radio or television, and some people became quite good.

To preserve a piece of this lost art, a nice lady...[click to continue...]

Enrich Yourself from the Comfort of Home with Online Art Classes

Acrylic painting of copper clay pot with overhead sunlight shining down on it

Largely due to COVID-19, people are learning ways to have fun and be creative from the comfort of their home like never before. One of these ways is taking online art classes.

One student...[click to continue...]

6 Beautiful Blue Abstract Paintings Centered Around Natural Forces

Artist Rachael Harbert holds an abstract elemental painting entitled Cerulean Blue

Here are 6 abstract paintings themed around elemental and natural forces, predominantly using variations of blue.

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