11 Sensational Paintings Featuring the Female Torso

Black and white photo of artist's naked back showing the indentions of the spinal cord

The beauty of the female body has long been a romanticized topic for novelists, poets, painters and other artists.

Here are 11 sensational paintings featuring the female torso as a series of abstract shapes.

These paintings are an expressive exploration of interacting with or being absorbed by powerful natural forces, whether such forces are large and external or private and internal.

Are you able to see the torso in each painting? Are you able to identify the force represented in each painting?

As you encounter and absorb each painting below, click on its photo if you'd like to learn more about it.

Painting #1 - Against a Window

Painting of female torso against a window as it rains

Painting #2 - 22.22 Degrees Celsius

Painting of female torso moving through water

Painting #3 - Fireproof

Painting of female torso in a cloud of black smoke

Painting #4 - Impressed

Painting of female torsos enveloped by dirt and dust

Painting #5 - Luminescent

Painting of female torso caught between light and dark

Painting #6 - Pearls

Painting of female torso in defensive posture as her mouth bleeds

Painting #7 - Pendulum

Painting of female torso swaying like a pendulum

Painting #8 - Regeneration

Painting of female torso regenerating from particles of dust and dirt

Painting #9 - Sleepwalking

Painting of female torso moving through a mist

Painting #10 - Still Shot

Painting of female torso melting in a mist

Painting #11 - Under Water

Painting of female torso suspended under water

What you should do now

Send me a message to let me know which paintings were your favorites and why. Also, let me know if you want to know more about a particular painting.

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