9 Awesome Abstract Flower Paintings by One Artist

Artist Rachael Harbert holds her painting entitled Wild Periwinkles in front of a building with the numbers 220 spray painted on it

Paintings of flowers are popular. They are a classic subject matter for artists, since they are colorful, beautiful and endlessly varied. Below are 9 of my abstract flower paintings for your enjoyment.

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Painting #1: Red Impatients

Abstract Painting of Flowers - Red Impatients

Painting #2: Spring Flowers

Abstract Painting of Early Budding Flowers Against a Blue Background

Painting #3: Wild Jungle

Abstract Painting of Impatiens and Orchids in a Rainforest

Painting #4: Green Ballerinas

Abstract Painting of Flowers - Flowers in a Field

Painting #5: Marmalade

Abstract Painting of Flowers - Orange and Gold

Painting #6: Purple Petal

Abstract Painting of a Purple Flower with a Vibrant Background

Painting #7: Wild Periwinkles

Abstract Painting of Flowers - Wild Periwinkles

Painting #8: Wildflower

Abstract Painting of a Hand Holding Wildflowers

Painting #9: Weeds

Abstract Painting of Flowering Weeds in Grass

Commission an Abstract Painting of Flowers

Would you like for me to paint you a custom abstract painting of a flower or flowers? Or would you like to purchase one of my current abstract flower paintings? If so, please Contact me. I would love to hear from you!

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