9 Wondrous Blue Abstract Art Paintings

Artist Rachael Harbert holds blue abstract art painting of a naked woman under water

Check out these 9 wondrous blue abstract art pieces that stir the imagination... a shark's fin, a woman emerging from water, a naked female suspended under water, the head of a bluejay bird, the head of a dragon, a woman being born from water, water and gold, a crashing wave, and the skin of an Amazonian fringe frog.

As you browse, click on the photo to view the painting's info and to see paintings similar to it.

Painting #1: Fin

Abstract painting of a shark's fin cutting through turbulent water

Painting #2: From Water

Abstract painting of a woman dancing on top of water

Painting #3: Under Water

Abstract painting of a naked female torso under water

Painting #4: Bluejay

Abstract painting of a bluejay bird

Painting #5: Alogo

Abstract painting of a blue dragon's head

Painting #6: Rising

Abstract painting of a woman being reborn from water

Painting #7: Aqua Gold

Abstract painting of blues and golds

Painting #8: Crashing Wave

Abstract painting of a crashing wave

Painting #9: Cerulean Blue

Abstract painting of the blue skin of an Amazonian fringe frog

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