*New* Abstract Painting of an Eclipse

Original abstract acrylic painting entitled Eclipse by artist Rachael Harbert

What Is It?

I finally have a new video to share with you all, and it records the creation of a brand new original abstract painting. The painting is entitled Eclipse, and it depicts a phenomenon that doesn't exist, or one of which humans are not yet aware.

As we stand on the moon and view the Earth, a minute star finds its way between the Earth and the moon so that the darkness of the Earth is partially blocked by the glow of the tiny star. The dark strokes of paint that sweep out from the planet are illustrative of the impact that the star has on the planet - disturbing the planet's physical integrity and all life on the planet.

Painting's Page

Visit the painting's page for Eclipse.

Painting's Creation

Watch the video that captures the creation of Eclipse.

Photo of artist Rachael Harbert creating abstract painting Eclipse

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