Enrich Yourself from the Comfort of Home with Online Art Classes

Acrylic painting of copper clay pot with overhead sunlight shining down on it

Largely due to COVID-19, people are learning ways to have fun and be creative from the comfort of their home like never before. One of these ways is taking online art classes.

One student of mine said that she never even knew she was artistic at all. I was happy to help her discover her creativity and achieve something she had no idea she could do. She was overwhelmingly proud of herself and completely happy with her painting.

In my online classes, I help each student achieve the effect that he or she seeks using patience, detailed verbal instruction and demonstration... on my own painting, not my student's. Yes, that's  right... I work right alongside my students, making oopsies along the way and demonstrating how to correct or cover them.

Since I never do the work for my students (which is more beneficial for the student, by the way), it might also be more challenging at first. However, I believe in the wise adage, "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for life!" Many times, a student makes several attempts to get a result with which he or she is happy, but that's a part of the learning process.

Online classes force a student to keep at it, to not give up. The final result is truly something for which a student can take full credit and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Below is a sampling of student work from my last two online classes. Notice how the subject is the same, but the expression is completely different. 

September 2020 Class — Clay Pot with Light Shining from Above

Clay pot with light beaming into it, muted earth tones throughout

Dark clay pot with light shining above it, accented with red primrose laying by its side

Muted earth tone clay pot with light rays shining on it, accented with flowers laying on the side

Richly gold clay pot with light rays shining on it, accented with flowers in pot

August 2020 Class — Hummingbird Hovering Above Flower

Hummingbird hovering over big yellow flower

Hummingbird hovering over big black flower

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