Impressionistic Painting of a Man Playing the Piano

Original impressionistic painting of man playing the piano by artist Rachael Harbert

*Big News* An original impressionistic painting of a man playing a piano is up for sale!

The History of Its Creation

The painting, entitled The Soloist, was created in November of 2009 as a commissioned painting. The guidelines were simple: a bit abstract, colorful and containing a piano. I reviewed pictures of paintings online with the client to determine what he liked. His tastes lingered between abstract and impressionistic styles, so I knew I would need to create a painting that was a little of both.

I met the client that commissioned this fine art painting in January 2009 at a social gathering where he performed in a band as a bassist. Between January and November, we became friends. So, by the time he commissioned me for the painting, I had come to learn quite a bit about him, and my knowledge of him helped me to create The Soloist. For example, he himself is a pianist.

Its Meaning and Hope

The flow of color around the piano is a visual representation of the music being played. At the piano’s helm is the hero, the musician. He is so engrossed by what he is doing that he ignores the heroine that sits next to him. The painting celebrates music, beauty and creativity, but it also laments the hero. The title of the painting is deliberate and its meaning two-fold: it defines what the hero is doing (a solo act) and it laments the man's aloneness. Notice the separation between the man and the woman in the painting. Notice her posture - she rests her head on her arm and leans in to watch the pianist perform. She admires him; on the other hand, he takes a fetal position toward the piano's keys and ignores her. He is more than just a solo pianist; he's also a loner in life.

The painting is not depressive; on the contrary, its innate beauty signifies hope!

More About the Painting

The Soloist is a 30"x40" acrylic on stretched canvas. Please visit The Soloist painting's page for pricing and information. Additionally, you can view this painting's creation from start to finish on my Vids page.

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