Rock Music Inspires Pop Art Paintings

Artist Rachael Harbert poses next to paintings Shadowplay and Extraterrestrial on the stairs of a large library

It may seem that I have gone cuckoo bananas when you see my pop art paintings Shadowplay and Extraterrestrial.

Music is one of my inspirations when I paint, and The Killers are a modern rock band whose songs have inspired a few of my pop art paintings.

Inspired by The Killers

Shadowplay (pictured left) was inspired by The Killers song "Shadowplay" and the Robert Rankin novel, The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse.

Extraterrestrial (pictured right) was inspired by The Killers song "Spaceman". Long before Katy Perry released her song about falling in love with an extraterrestrial, I had completed this painting and had written along its edge the words, "I think I'm in love with an extraterrestrial."

It's fun to view these paintings while listening to The Killers songs that inspired them. Why's that? You'll be able to pick out visual elements in the paintings that correlate with the lyrics of the songs. Both paintings are fun and energetic, and those that "get" these paintings love them. Check these paintings out in my online gallery, and listen to the songs that inspired them while you view them. If you don't "get" them now, you might just "get" them after you hear the songs.

Shadowplay painting page - inspired by The Killers song Shadowplay
Pop art painting of a man lying in a city alley while a yellow rabbit looks on

Extraterrestrial painting page - inspired by The Killers song Spaceman
Pop art painting of a man being probed by aliens

Where was my photo taken?

It's inside a Jacksonville public library - specifically, the large and beautiful downtown branch office.

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