The Best Abstract Art is Found in Nature - 32 Photos to Prove It

Black and white photo of artist Rachael Harbert sitting on the ground that is covered in flower petals

Before we humans congratulate ourselves for our clever creation of abstract art or for being able to deliver orations about it, we should admit that we're just amateurs…..

Nature immeasurably surpasses humans when it comes to displays of abstract art.

Our universe, our planet and life were here long before we were...and so was abstract art.

Nature’s Innumerable Colors, Shapes, Textures and Patterns

Stark and pointy tree trunks protrude from the sand of a beach creating natural and uniquely shaped sculptures
Photo: Naturally occurring sculptures in the beach sand, South Carolina, USA. The angle of the photo is not a trick. These trees (abstract sculptures) really were positioned at these severe angles; they were protruding from a rising dune. The angle must have been achieved over time by the wind's ability to bend the trees and build the dune.

We can find upon trillions upon trillions of pieces of abstract art all around us in nature - much we see with our naked eye and more by using microscopes and telescopes.

Below are 31 additional abstract scenes from nature - many of which you will recognize.

And that's the point...

Whether you know it or not, you have already been exposed to abstract art through nature's patterns and textures. That means you already have a good foundation in order to learn more about the abstract art that humans create...

31 Pieces of Abstract Art from Nature

Clouds on a sunny day create an abstract picture - example 3
Photo: Sure, these are clouds... but they are innately abstract. I see the head of Dr. Seuss' Goo Goose in them. What do you see?

The bark of a sycamore tree that looks like camouflage - green, white, yellow and brown

Up close of thin red strands which look like hair that drape from a tree's branches

Green and white pattern of an aloe plant's skin

Up close of dozens of small green pyramid-like structures accented with tiny red spheres

Center of a green succulent plant that looks like a huge flower

Up close of the center of a large red rose

Up close of flower center with hundreds of yellow and white slender columns which look like Q-tips

Up close of a yellow flower's center tentacles

Up close of a large squash's bubble-like skin

Up close of the rind of a tangerine

Rocky side of a cliff with large naturally occurring holes

Black, brown, and golden pieces of lava rock

Lava rock with shimmering ribbons of blue, purple and aqua

Marble pattern of a waterfall's rocky belly

Fan-like cream colored fungus

Up close of fungus with varying sizes of bubble-like structures - 1

Up close of fungus that looks waving fans

Brown and white fur

Long flowing fur

Up close of a dark bay horse's coat with hints of strawberry tint

Close up of a beautiful spiderweb accented by drops of condensation

Blue and white of an ocean's waves

Blue and green transparent water of a spring

A drop of water falls and creates perfect circular ripples

Drops of rain pelt the surface of water

Perfect, fresh, white snow

Water drops on a window

Pink, purple, blue and green lights created by gas particles colliding in the sky

Cylindrical fur-like microorganisms with three pronged tails

Fiery red rosette nebula

Nature's Ingenious Artist - A Source of Inspiration

The unique ingenuity found in nature - our planet, our bodies and our universe - is obvious and marvelous. The marvels of nature are one source of inspiration when I create my abstract paintings, and through nature, I am constantly reminded that I am a part of a grand portfolio belonging to my Creator and the original Artist. I am humbled and inspired by his unique, authentic and unattainable genius.

As one ancient physician wrote, if we humans remained silent about the glory around us, the stones themselves would "cry out" and provide an attestation.

Nature's Abstract Art – A Source of Happiness

Take a moment to meditate upon the marvel of this planet. You will feel calm, awe, happiness and deep appreciationm - just like I do when I'm hiking a mountain, watching the ocean, seeing the sun rise and set, or listening to a thunderstorm.

Taking time to ponder the abstract art around you, including what is found in nature, will bring you happiness.

I don't just say so... science does...

Read this article How Abstract Art Makes You Happy.

Rachael Harbert's camera on a table in her art studio  I took most of the photos in this article.

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