How My Art is Capturing a Disappearing Cultural Core

Rachael stands in front of wall with huge blue graffiti letters holding painting Pyromaniac

Photographing My Art in the Urban Core

Since 2011, I have been photographing my artwork using settings from Jacksonville, Florida’s urban core... and those settings are constantly...[click to continue...]

11 Sensational Paintings Featuring the Female Torso

Black and white photo of artist's naked back showing the indentions of the spinal cord

The beauty of the female body has long been a romanticized topic for novelists, poets, painters and other artists.

Here are 11 sensational paintings featuring the female torso as a series...[click to continue...]

11 Fun Facts Revealed About the Mixed Media in 11 Abstract Paintings

Rachael stands within a large mixed media art installation

Mixed media paintings are paintings that use more than one medium (or material, such as acrylic paint) in the creation of the artwork.

In this article, I reveal the interesting mediums that...[click to continue...]